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Kindle Spy Review In Brief

It goes without saying that in case you want to make money on kindle, you want to research your contest. It's pretty cool that now you can get applications to do some of this work!

Can Kindle Spy help you along with your book research that is kindle?

Mini Review: This really is an excellent tool for helping you discover low-competition niches & keywords for your next ebook -- as well as SPY on your competition! It's crucial for study and really easy to use!

If you are trying to be successful in selfpublishing online, this might be your secret weapon.

Kindle Spy -- Find Your Niche

As having a niche website, you will need to select your ebook wisely.

If you put out a book where no person is buying in that area you will not get any sales and it'll be considered a waste of your energy!

Similarly, release a publication in a niche that swamped and can be competitive, you are going to fight.

Having applications that will assist you research the market, turns some thing that is into something effortless and enjoyable.

The best piece about Kindle Spy: you get to snoop on your competitors and determine exactly how many novels they're selling and the amount of money they are earning from their novels.

I was actually shocked when I started by using this program -- because I didn't expect you'll observe authors making so much money!

On the flip side, many books are currently bringing in zero profit, so it pays to do your research -- this program saves hours of time!

Just how do you use kindle spy?

Spy is also a really awesome bit of software that stays on your own toolbar and is easily accessible.

There are several methods in which you can use kindle spy to acquire data, however I tend to utilize it in the subsequent few ways...

1) to secure data in regards to the best sellers in a specific niche.

By way of example, I would goto the "romance" department, then to "best sellers." Subsequently I'd click in my kindle spy and it starts to pullup data.
Kindle spy romance

The essential data you're going to wish to look at is...

  • Sales rank
  • Estimated revenue, (for the last 30 days)
  • Reviews
  • Estimated sales

At the base of one's spy window, there is a traffic lighting system that'll give rankings income potential and aggressive the marketplace is.

Thus, we could view in the above mentioned example, (take a look at the green arrows) that love is both popular and has good earning potential, (2 green lights revealing) however it's also tremendously competitive, (red light).

By Looking at the best sellers Using niches, you can Find an Concept of what's selling --

What would be the titles for example?

Is there recurring topics which are selling more?

What's the average sales status in Amazon for its sellers within this specific niche?

How many reviews do the top sellers have?

We'll be able to weigh if it'd be worth our time wanting to compete within the niche.

Lets say we're looking at a very popular niche. The writers may be making thousands and thousands of dollars every month.

But, even though we conclude that there is not much chance we can compete in a niche at the moment, we might still decide to choose it if we've got a fantastic marketing strategy for our publication.

Should you click on the "word cloud" label at the very top right hand side of the app, in addition, it lists some essential words that are coming frequently and also this may give you some thoughts about exactly what potential topics and keywords to target.

Kindle spy word blur

2) Another way I like to utilize kindle spy is to actually spy on particular writers.

It's possible to check which of their novels are making the money and find some thing from this data are books popular than others?

Is really a specific topic currently making more sales? Are definite keywords making more sales? ...and so on!

Kindle spy chilldrens publication author

At the above case, I am taking a look at one children's book author.

As you can observe, (at the section I've highlighted yellow) one chief books there is making the vast majority of her earnings.

The publication under consideration is truly about valentines afternoon -- Since it's currently late January, it may be it's proximity to Valentines day which balances for those sales within the previous 1 month.

This can tell me writing books around certain times annually, (Halloween, Easter, Christmas and so on...) might be quite profitable in the kids's book niche.

Her next most profitable book is all about a princess, and maybe I'd like to go out additional princess related books and find out how they are doing too.... You get the idea!

3) I use it to take a look at a certain keyword that I'm thinking about targeting.

By way of instance, say I am thinking of writing a book concerning the ketogenic diet. I can specifically search for this particular keyword over the look-up tool...

Kindle Spy search

When I could tell from the above mentioned search that ketogenic diet only has a moderate level of rivalry, (yellow circle) I really could search to dig deeper using this specific keyword...

Kindle spy ketogenic diet programs

Looking further, I can note that it's a keyword with a moderate level of popularity, potential and competition across the board, (view the 3 yellow circles at the bottom of the kindle spy window).

Since I am probably searching for a high degree of fame and potential, I may choose to target a key word.

Although, it is possible to see they're selling a fantastic amount reviews.

One book that has made over $6,000 in earnings only has 17 reviews and thus you may opt to dig in the author profile.

You might check the inside of the book and inspect the reserve length, so as to ascertain if it's a niche you believe that might compete in.



  • Simple to use: Kindle spy is extremely easy to work with, you can access data very quickly and efficiently and it truly makes researching niches simple and fun to do.
  • Spy on your competition: it is a great in order to spy individual writers and really get a feel for exactly what type of novels could be profitable and worth targeting.
  • Multi dimensional tool: There are several approaches and so it's perhaps not a one dimensional tool, there is a variety.
  • Accessibility/Ease of usage: Kindle spy is reachable, because it sits on your toolbar, thus there is just a good simplicity of usage.
  • Excellent Value it has incredibly good value -- considering the amount of hours this form of research could take, it's an excellent tool. (Get Going Here!)


Minor Learning Curve: The program requires a bit of getting used to initially -- at first I would have to click for data from sections where there was no data out there. I have used to it very quickly yet.

Sporadically No Data: in frequently, it may also pull no data when it have to do -- for me, often appearing from the program or blank the page and beginning might help.

Making sure the spy video that is kindle is watched by you first and you'll not have a issues.


Kindle Spy Review Conclusion:

Kindle Spy is a absolute must have tool for anyone looking to get in to selfpublishing on kindle.

It is a cinch to use gives you a lot of information at the click of a button and is very good value.

It's going to save a ridiculous quantity of time researching niches and reevaluate rivalry and, there is a bonus that is great, it's extremely enjoyable.

You may end up spending hours about it because it's intriguing to discover what niches are selling and snooping about which some of these successful writers are really making!

Eventually, using Kindle Spy ailing give you the best chance of selling your books and you're going to have a massive advantage over your competition from the beginning.

If youhave already begun, or're considering getting into Kindle printing, I recommend you check this out.

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